Which Vehicle Matches Your Favorite Music Genre?

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Your personality manifests outwardly in everything from your favorite bands to the car you drive. Whether you’re tuned into George Strait’s greatest hits, Billboard Top 40, or some underground band we definitely haven’t heard of, we’re almost certain that what you’re listening to has a vehicle to match. Here are our best guesses for which model harmonizes with your musical motifs. 

Country – Chevy Silverado 1500 

Chevy Silverado/Image Credit: Chevrolet 

You’re never not jamming to songs about taking the back road, getting mud on the tires, and summer trips to the lake. So, of course you’re in the cab of a Chevy Silverado while you’re blasting those twangy tunes. The soulful yet humble energy of the Chevy Silverado perfectly matches your love for cowboy hats, sweet tea, and the plucky tones of a well-tuned banjo.  

Heavy Metal – Ford Mustang Mach E 

A yellow car on a road

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Ford Mustang Mach-E/Image Credit: For

Electric guitar, meet electric muscle car. Your favorite tunes usually involve face-melting guitar solos and yell-singing we can’t entirely understand. No judgement here, we all march or head-bang to the beat of our own drum. So while you head-bang to some guitar shredding, let the Mach-E shred your gas budget to pieces with electric efficiency. You’re all about serious power and high-energy, and the Mach-E will not disappoint. 

Pop – Hyundai Veloster 

A red sports car

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Hyundai Veloster/Image Credit: Hyundai 

Just like pop songs get stuck in your head with their catchy lyrics, the Veloster will get stuck in your head with its eye-catching design. You’re all about what’s fun, what’s hip, and what’s right now. The Veloster is undeniably fun to drive, fun to look at, and will always get you to the next party as fashionably late (or early) as you want to be.   

R & B – Mercedes G-Class SUV 

A green car parked in front of a building

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Mercedes G-Class SUV/Image Credit: Mercedes 

Sleek, sultry, effortlessly cool. Whether you’re chilling to Luther or Erykah, the G-Class will give you the caramel-smooth ride to match. Its leather seats and a high-quality audio system will have you blasting those slow-jams at full volume as you make your way to the next exclusive party or red carpet event. With 64 colors of LED ambient lighting to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find one that fits your soulful mood.  

Indie – Mini Cooper SE 

A toy car on a red surface

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Mini Cooper SE/ Image Credit: Mini 

You’re a little bit different, a little bit undefinable. One minute you’re listening to a tambourine-heavy folk song, the next you’re in Synth City. The Mini Cooper SE knows what you’re driving at, and can match you mood for mood, no matter how eclectic or underground they are. By going electric, you’ll definitely save some serious gas money that you can put towards some obscure vinyl records that no one has ever heard of. 

Now that we’ve matched you to your musical model soulmate, we know you’ll be on the hunt for one you can take for a spin. We can probably help with that part. Turn the volume up, roll the windows done, and hit the pavement for an epic road trip in your new BestRide. 

Annie Boss

Annie Boss

Annie grew up in a small mining town in northern Utah, which gave her an early appreciation of big trucks with even bigger tires. She has a true passion for writing, as well as injecting lighthearted fun and gentle goofs into every piece she puts out. Annie now resides in Phoenix, Arizona, and has been writing about automotive and automotive-adjacent topics for the past two years. Her dream car is a bright yellow hard top Jeep Wrangler with SHERA on the vanity plate.

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