VIDEO: Scorned Woman Takes Out Frustrations on Boyfriend’s Car

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Love makes people do crazy things. It makes them do the craziest things when they think they’ve been cheated on, which is what happens in this video.

It all went down in Cullman, Alabama in the parking lot of Badcock Furniture. That’s where Barbara Lowery took vengeance on her boyfriend and his innocent Volvo. Not only does the poor car pay the price for its owner’s misdeeds, it turns out the guy in question, Nick Myrick, didn’t even know he was Lowery’s boyfriend. Love is so confusing.

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The not-quite boyfriend was at work at the furniture store when Lowery showed up and stomped on his windshield. If you’re wondering how she managed this given the sturdiness of the average windshield, what you don’t see is the shovel she whacked it with first.

Scott Adams, owner of Freedom Motors, saw the entire thing unfold and shot video to capture the crazy. He also did a good deed by offering to replace the windshield for free.

It might look like nothing more than another Volvo, but the car meant something more to Myrick. It belonged to his grandfather who had given it to his father. Both men passed away over the last year, so the Volvo had sentimental value.

In addition to smashing in the windshield, Lowery also took a marker to the car’s hood and damaged the dashboard. Her stunt landed her in the county jail under charges of disorderly conduct.

It might seem like this is the kind of thing a person does without thinking while in a fit of rage. Nope. According to Lowery, she prayed about this the night before, came to the conclusion it was a bad idea, but then saw the shovel and changed her mind.

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Throughout the windshield stomping she’s on the phone and looks pleased with herself. She even dances on the hood, which seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do when you’re caught on video stomping a windshield to bits.

The commentary on this video is pretty hilarious. One guy decides watching her is worth skipping lunch while everyone debates the potential cost of the whole thing. One lady is even concerned for her safety if she falls through the glass.

Lowery had her fun and now she’s paying the price. Perhaps she took Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” a little too seriously.