This Electric Taxi Offers Free Rides If You’re Willing to Sing

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To show off just how quiet an electric car can be, Finnish clean energy company Fortum offered free rides in its electric taxi to and from the Ruisrock music festival. But there’s a catch: You had to sing for the driver.

According to Mashable, “[I]nstead of paying for a ride around the festival grounds at the national park in Turku, Finland, you have to sing for the driver. No cash, credit or debit cards are accepted. Just singing.”

The fully electric BMW i3s are all equipped with tablets featuring a karaoke app with lyrics that allows riders to select from a list of songs.

A personal anecdote: I’m accustomed to singing for a ride. Back in the 1990s, I commuted to Boston on the Lowell line of the MBTA Commuter Rail. I had a monthly pass that I neglected to bring with me early one morning on the 6:45 train.

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The conductor looked at me and nodded. “I’ll come back to you in a minute,” he said.

When he finished his circuit, he stood by my shoulder and handed me a list of songs. “You can stand up in front of the car and sing one of these, or you can get off at the next stop,” he said. I laughed. He didn’t.

A minute later, I was at the front of the car being introduced as the morning’s entertainment. I chose the 1939 classic “I’m a Little Teapot,” which was shockingly one of the least mortifying songs on the list. By the end of the first stanza, the entire car was singing along with me.

As this memory flooded back to me reading this Mashable story, I wondered what form of humiliation readers would endure if they had desperate need for a free ride. What song would you sing?

Also, if you happened to be on the Lowell line that morning, belated apologies for my performance.

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