Tesla’s “Toilet Humor” Mode is The Greatest Thing Since Heated Seats

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Tesla makes electric vehicles, but so does everybody else. Aside from impressing your geek neighbors, though, there hasn’t been a good enough reason to blow 90 large on one. Until now.

In its most recent software update, it’s included something called “Toilet Humor” mode, and it’s the greatest thing to come along in the automotive space since the heated seat.

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A Tesla-owning Instagrammer known as mister_merican posted a video showing the update:

Back in November, Tesla chief Elon Musk tweeted that there would be some “Easter Eggs” in this update. Who knew they’d actually smell like eggs.

Toilet Humor mode can be programmed to churn out a fat raspberry on demand, or when the turn signals are illuminated, meaning that BMW owners could never enjoy such a novelty.

Musk also noted in the same tweet that all of the Model S, Model 3 and Model X vehicles would include “Romance Mode.” We haven’t seen any videos of this function quite yet, but we’re not sure we could share them anyway.


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