Shareholders At Mercedes-Benz Meeting Fight Over Free Sausages

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If you’re well-heeled enough to be invited to the Daimler AG shareholders meeting to cash in on the largest dividend in the company’s history, you can probably afford to buy a sausage, but that didn’t stop two shareholders from turning into brats over brats.

According to Bloomberg, “As Daimler AG shareholders approved the biggest dividend in the company’s history, two investors got into a fight at its annual general meeting over complimentary sausages.”


Mercedes-Benz‘s parent company — which produces the Mercedes-Maybach which starts at $189,000 — supplied 12,500 sausages for the 5,500 attendees at the shareholder meeting in Berlin.

At the height of the Battle Over Braunschwieger, Daimler AG officials called the police to calm the nerves of the two combatants in the throes of their Knackwurst frenzy.

Chairman Manfred Bischoff suggested that the mettwurst melee would result in more serious consideration before working out the weisswurst for next year’s meeting:

“Either we need more sausages, or we’ll have to get rid of the sausages entirely,” Bischoff said.

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