Minivan or SUV? These Moms Duke it Out in a Hilarious Video

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Lots of things change when you have a family. On that list is the type of vehicle you drive. As cool as your little sportscar may be, it’s not going to work for the kids and their friends and their stuff and endless treks across town. Minivans, though not the coolest choice, work for families. These two moms, however, disagree on the wonder that is the minivan.

While the number of minivans on the market isn’t growing, the number of SUVs is seemingly endless. Somehow, driving your kids around town in an SUV is cooler and they offer many of the same perks. Laughing Moms has a hilarious parody of Camila Cabello’s Havana that shows the struggle between these two choices.

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You can get a three row SUV with rear-seat entertainment systems. They have lots of cupholders – the new 2019 Subaru Ascent comes with 19 – and there’s also plenty of storage.

An SUV also has the added benefit of bringing some off-road chops to the table. Sure, you’re unlikely to tackle the Rubicon trail in your SUV with the kids all strapped into their car seats, but at least you know you could if you went completely crazy. You think it’s tough getting them to the bathroom between soccer and ballet? Just wait until the next bathroom is days away.

A minivan, however, comes with its own set of perks. There are the cupholders and entertainment systems and now there’s even a hybrid with the Chrysler Pacifica. Where a minivan beats an SUV is in passenger access.

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You won’t find sliding doors on an SUV, which means you’re stuck trying to lean in through a traditional car door to get to the kids. This is especially challenging if you’re trying to reach the kid in the middle seat or struggling to buckle-up an unruly toddler who really needs her nap.

You can’t get away with a sports car or compact sedan for the family. You need room and that means something big like an SUV or minivan. Which you get depends on your personal preferences so there’s really no right answer. If it fits the family and the family budget and it makes you happy, then go ahead and buy whichever one you like best.

Nicole Wakelin

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