KITT is Back in “Knight Rider Heroes”

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Knight Rider aired from 1982-1986 and had two big stars. The first was David Hasselhoff and the second was KITT, the car with a glowing red eye and a sarcastic, British sense of humor. Now it looks like KITT and the Hoff are making a comeback.

The first time KITT returned was in a rebooted version of the show that aired in 2008-2009 and it was absolutely awful. No amount of love for the original Knight Rider could overcome what was a terrible attempt at bringing back a bit of classic television. David Hasselhoff hasn’t given up and is now involved with a project titled Knight Rider Heroes.

In the very brief trailer for the project, we see the Hoff standing in the desert in his trademark leather jacket and sunglasses before KITT comes screaming across the sand, red eye zooming. It’s a nice nod to the opening of the original series.

Rather than the two meeting up in the middle, instead we hear the Hoff ask, “Are you sure you’re ready for this?” to which some guy no one knows answers, “More than ever.” That’s all we get. Well, that, and two seconds of the whoosh-whoosh noise that accompanied that glowing red eye.

There’s an official website, but it doesn’t tell us anything and is only a placeholder for whatever this project will be when it’s ready. Even that is an unknow as it’s listed as coming soon with no dates.

The Hoff’s link to the site lists it as being a movie, but there’s no way to know if this is something slated for televsion or the theater or even it it’s a done deal. For all we know this could be something potentially happening and only coming to fruition if there’s some crowdfunding.

It’s all a big mystery, although Autoblog caught that it looks like a video from a series called The Aficionauto. Christopher Rutkowski, creator of that series, confirmed that KITT is still a Pontiac Trans Am and that the Hoff plays Michael Knight. He also said hopes to direct whatever it is that’s being planned.

This has the potential to be very good or absolutely horrible. It’d be tough to be as bad as the first reboot, but with the very grassroots way this is coming together, there’s a rather large possibility that this will be a mess or not happen at all.

We’d like to see Kitt and the Hoff back in action, so we’re hoping they manage to pull this one off.

Nicole Wakelin

Nicole Wakelin