“Jason Bourne” Trailer Promises Ridiculous Car Chases

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Jason Bourne

The thing about spy movies that makes them great is the action. There is always at least one fight scene in which the hero is nearly beaten to death, but somehow survives, and there’s always at least one car chase that makes your jaw drop. The new Jason Bourne movie trailer promises plenty of both.

Every Bourne movie has had an amazing car chase. There was the red Mini speeding through Paris in Bourne Identity, a crazed taxi chase in Bourne Superemacy, a police cruiser chase in Bourne Ultimatum, and an impossible motorcycle chase in Bourne Legacy. This latest film has quite a leqacy to uphold.

In this installment, Bourne is back and now he remembers everything. This means that not only is he able to kill you with his pinkie, but he’s really ticked off at the people who have been messing with him all this time. Be glad you aren’t one of those people.

On the fisticuffs front, he’s beating up guys twice his size. How is this possible? He’s Jason Bourne. He beats up whoever he darn well pleases even if they’re built like a tank and covered in intimidating tattoos. One punch is all it takes.

When he’s not busy beating up burly men, he’s racing throught the streets evading the bad guys. Some of the time he’s on a motorcycle while grenade launchers aimed his way set off explosions perilously close to his speeding bike. He takes this in stride, firing back in their general direction and punching guys who get within arm’s reach.

Things get really serious when he plows into a bunch of cars clogging the street. It looks like he’s behind the wheel of a black Dodge Charger and possibly chasing a S.W.A.T. van. Everyone ends up crashing into everyone else and car parts go flying.

The bad guys in the van are probably goners, at least until the next scene. Bourne, however, is probably fine. No, we haven’t seen the movie, but they can’t kill the guy so he has to crawl from the wreckage, scraped and bleeding, only to fight another day.

It’s pretty exciting stuff. Check out the trailer below and see what we’ll all be in for when Jason Bourne hits theaters on July 29.