How Well Do You Know James Bond’s Cars?

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The latest James Bond film — SPECTRE — arrives in U.S. theaters this week. How well do you think you’ll do on our James Bond car quiz?

SPECTRE is the 24th James Bond movie since Dr. No appeared in 1962, helmed by director Terrence Young.

Over the last 53 years, seven actors have portrayed 007. The first — and arguably the best — was Sean Connery. He appeared in six “official” Eon Production James Bond films, and was in a seventh, Never Say Never Again, that was produced by an independent production company that owned the film rights to the original storyline for Thunderball.

James Bond - Dr. No Sean Connery Result Best

The second actor was Woody Allen. Seriously. In 1967, Woody Allen starred as “Jimmy Bond” in Casino Royale, an MGM spoof of the Bond franchise — and never considered part of the “official” Eon Productions James Bond canon. It actually starred a ton of actors all named James Bond, including David Niven, Peter Sellers and even Ursula Andress. It featured a cameo by British racing great Sir Stirling Moss.

Woody Allen James Bond

The forgotten Bond was Australian actor/model George Lazenby, the only actor to only appear once as 007 in one of the Eon Productions movies. His career evaporated after refusing to play Bond a second time after his experience on On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

James Bond - George Lazenby ResultRoger Moore was the third official Bond, starring in Live and Let Die in 1973. For those old enough to have seen Connery in the original Bond films, Moore was a pale imitation. For those who grew up in the 1970s, though, he made us feel like Bond movies were parodies of themselves, and often they were. He acted in seven Bond films, and he’s the oldest actor to have portrayed the agent.

James Bond - Octopussy Clown Result - Middle

Timothy Dalton arrived for two Bond movies in the late 1980s. He might not be the most memorable Bond, but the Living Daylights and License To Kill were a strong attempt to move Bond back into serious international intrigue films, instead of total camp.

timothy dalton bondRemington Steele actor Pierce Brosnan read for the role of Bond in the 1980s when Timothy Dalton got it, but managed to secure the iconic role in 1995’s GoldenEye. Brosnan acted in four James Bond movies until 2002’s Die Another Day.

Pierce Brosnan BondDaniel Craig represented yet another reimagination of Bond. With the success of the Mission Impossible and the Jason Bourne movies, Casino Royale was a grittier, darker film.

James Bond - Casino Royale Result Middle GoodCars are a huge part of the Bond franchise now, with major product placement opportunities from brands like Aston Martin, Jaguar, and Land Rover. But surprisingly, that wasn’t always the case. Bond drove some cool cars, and he drove some real junk, too.

Take our quiz below and see how you stack up matching the Bond car to the movie.

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