CRIME WATCH: The Composite Sketch of This 1991 Nissan Truck Makes Its Recovery Almost Assured

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The composite drawings you see on shows like Law and Order and Columbo look exactly like the guy the cops are after. In real life, though, composite drawings are a little trickier.

That’s what happened when the owner of this 1991 Nissan Pickup had their truck stolen at some place called the Hawthorn Flea Market.

Using Google Translate, we roughly determined that the truck is gray with a black roof. “I have no pictures,” says the ad on a Spanish language equivalent of Craigslist, “but I left a drawing.”

Pickup drawing original

Yep, that sure is a 1991 Nissan.

The internet kicked into high gear, and responded with pickup sightings everywhere. It showed up on a wrecker:

Pickup drawing flatbed

…and it had its wheels stolen.

Pickup drawing outside

Apparently the thieves shipped it to the Middle East in a container.

Pickup drawing desert

If you’ve never seen a 1991 pickup, the Hot Wheels version might refresh your memory.

pickup drawing hot wheels

Pickup drawing hot wheels 2

No word on whether the truck has been recovered. The good news is that Good Samaritans got a look a the thief and are now passing that around the internet. Keep your eyes peeled, America.


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