Watch Kia Super Bowl Ad Put Christopher Walken in a Walk-In Closet

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Kia Optima Super Bowl Ad

Beige is a lovely color. It works well on houses and walls and pants paired with blue blazers. Despite its many uses, beige has become the way we describe something that is horribly bland. No one wants to have a beige life, unnoticed, unimportant, and lost among the colors. Kia and Christopher Walken want to be sure you don’t fall prey to a beige car.

In this case, Kia and Walken aren’t talking about the color, but about settling for a bland, boring, uninspired ride. It all starts with a guy named Richard who is sitting in a beige bedroom, wearing a beige suit, searching for his beige socks. Where are those socks? In the “Walken” closet, of course.

He wanders into his closet and there’s Christopher Walken in an easy chair waiting to give Richard a life lesson. He warns of the dangers of a beige life as he holds the missing socks in his hand. On his other hand, he has a sock covered with colored spots, wearing it like a puppet.

Christopher Walken sitting in a closet with a multi-colored sock on his hand like a puppet. What does this have to do with Kia?

The back wall of the closet opens to reveal a Kia Optima, which is white. I find this an odd choice, because isn’t white even blander than beige? It should be red or bright blue. Clearly, they didn’t consult with me before creating this Super Bowl commercial.

Walken invites a still barefoot Richard to check out the car saying, “It’s like the world’s most exciting pair of socks, but it’s a mid-size sedan,” which certainly does sound intriquing. Richard is suitably impressed with the not-beige Kia Optima and it all ends with the pair going out for a drive.

Richard seems very happy, and then suddenly the sock puppet is in his face and Walken is telling him to punch it. I think Richard should listen, because no one should argue with a puppet-wielding Christopher Walken.

You can see the full 90-second spot here, or watch the Super Bowl and see a shortened 60-second version of the ad. If I walk into a Kia dealership and seeing anyone wearing beige socks, I’m going to be very disappointed. In fact, I think everyone should get a snazzy pair of polka-dotted socks if they decide to buy an Optima. Forget floor mats. Give us the fancy socks, Kia.

Nicole Wakelin

Nicole Wakelin