Confederate Flag Controversy Means No More General Lee

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Dukes of Hazzard

The Dukes of Hazzard hasn’t been on the air for a lot of years, but the 1969 Dodge Charger with the Confederate flag emblem is still an instantly recognizable car. That might not be the case for long as the controversy surrounding that flag has retailers pulling any product that it adorns, including the good old General Lee.

This is all in response to the shooting of 9 African Americans in a church in Charleston, South Carolina. Shortly after the shooting, images of the alleged shooter showed him burning an American flag and waving a Confederate flag. This made the Confederate flag the unwitting symbol of a tragic crime.

The move to remove the Stars and Bars gained extra support through the Supreme Court decision in Walker v. Sons of Confederate Veterans which upheld the right of the Texas DMV to keep the emblem off of specialty plates. Say goodbye to the Confederate flag.

If you live up North and aren’t a fan of Bo and Luke Duke, then it’s hard to realize just how popular the flag is in certain parts of the country. Nine states have specialty license plates with the emblem. Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia are all taking actions to have those emblems removed from their plates with some cheering an others protesting.

States are taking it off of plates and companies are taking it off of their products which is how the General Lee found itself in the crosshairs. Warner Bros. Consumer Products currently works with licensing The Dukes of Hazzard products. This includes die-cast replicas and model kits. They announced on Tuesday that they will no longer be making these toys.

According to Yahoo, the studio is taking the viewpoint that the franchise just isn’t viewed the way it was when it debuted in 1979. Hardly anyone took issue with the General Lee back then, but they definitely take issue now.

They say that times have changed and that not only is it offensive to some, but that there isn’t going to be anyplace that will sell the merchandise anyway. Walmart, Amazon, and eBay have all pulled merchandise with the emblem as have loads of other retailers. People can’t buy what retailers won’t sell.

There are many who don’t see the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism and think that this is a knee-jerk reaction that won’t do anything to change the hearts of those who are racist. What it will do is break the hearts of all those Bo and Luke Duke fans. If you’re looking to have a model of the General Lee sitting on your desk, you might want to buy one right now before it takes a final jump into merchandise history.

Nicole Wakelin

Nicole Wakelin

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