Bulletproof Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat – Bring it Bad Guys

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The Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat is a 714-horsepower monster of a sedan. The fact that it’s a sedan, which makes it something that could easily tote the kids to school, makes it all the more crazy. There’s also a Dodge Charger Pursuit for police, but why bother with that one when you can get a bulletproof Hellcat?

This is the crazy-brilliant idea of Armormax, a company in the business of bulletproofing whatever car you choose. Their latest creation is a 2018 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat with special armor that’s 80 percent lighter than the usual steel.

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It’s still tough, however, and can protect vehicle occupants from high powered rifles and grenades. According to Armormax, it’ll do this without looking like it’s done much of anything. This armored Charger will still look the same as it did before the bad guys started trying to kill you. Features include:

  • Bullet Resistant Glass and opaque armor (entire passenger compartment)
  • Carbon Fiber Trim
  • Run Flat Tires
  • High Powered Rifle Protection
  • Electrified Door Handles
  • Siren PA Intercom system
  • Strobe Lights x100
  • Radiator Protection
  • Blinding Lights
  • Concealed Ram Bumpers
  • Smoke Screen Cloak
  • Operable Windows
  • Tailgate Grill – Anti Theft
  • Tack dispenser
  • Gas masks
  • Bomb blast security upgrade

They also gave the car all-wheel drive. This might not be a flashy and impressive upgrade, but it’s one you can’t get on any factory-direct Charger because it’s simply not offered. You might not need blinding lights and a smoke screen cloak, but that all-wheel drive will sure come in handy a few months from now.

It’s an impressive car, but you do have to wonder exactly which police force could actually need this type of protection for their officers. Perhaps Gotham is looking to one-up the Batmobile?

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Armormax says this is the first armored Dodge Hellcat in the world and it’s not a work-in-process. It’s a complete build that is currently sitting at the Armormax facility in Ogden, Utah.

It would be cool to see this in person at the factory. Where you don’t want to see it is coming up fast in your review mirror. If they send a bulletproof Dodge Charger Hellcat after you, then you’ve really goten out of line. That, or the apocalypse started and you missed the memo.


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