Acura’s Latest Pitchman: Sid Vicious

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Nothing embodies “The True Definition of Luxury” quite like a heroin addict who murdered his girlfriend. For the 2015 Acura TLX TV spot, Acura chose the music of Sid Vicious — bass player for the 1970s punk band/performance art troupe/marketing vehicle the Sex Pistols — belting out a punk rendition of Frank Sinatra’s signature song “My Way.”

Sid Vicious’s solo song is the soundtrack to the 2015 Acura TLX television spot.

Vicious — born John Simon Ritchie in 1957 — embarked on a solo career after the Sex Pistols’ trainwreck of a final show at Winterland in San Francisco in January of 1978.

His initial solo effort came weeks later, recording three cover songs, including the Eddie Cochran songs “Come on Everybody,” and “Somethin’ Else,” and Sinatra’s song, “My Way,” as something of an anthem for his departure from the band that made him famous.

The songs were recorded for the soundtrack for The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle — a mockumentary about the band.

By October 12 of 1978, Sid Vicious was charged with murder in the death of his girlfriend, Nancy Spundgen. Five months later, Sid Vicious was dead, either from an unintentional or quite intentional heroin overdose, depending on who you ask.


Vicious once said “I’ll probably die by the time I reach 25. But I’ll have lived the way I wanted to.”

Also, “Buy an Acura.”

Sid Vicious’s cover may be familiar as the song from the closing credits of the movie GoodFellas, a heartwarming tale about a young man who pulls himself up by his bootstraps and lives the American Dream.

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      Actually,in the punk rock world the Nazi regalia thing was more a misguided attempt to piss off the establishment through a bad taste fashion statement than any real political leaning, although later on, it did have the unfortunate effect of leading skinheads(originally a statement of working class solidarity) into Neo-Nazism and white supremacy movements. Sid didn’t have a political agenda, he was just a kid who got lead down a self destructive path by a disgusting ratbag whore.

      1. Avatar

        True. People forget how much Nazi regalia was around in those days. Half the motorcycle gangs in America were sporting swastikas and SS lightning bolts as part of their uniform.

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    Nancy Spundgen is spelled incorrectly. Her name is spelled Nancy Spungen.

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    Sounds very Ramonesish. Like it way more than Sinatra’s though Elvis’ version is strong

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    Obnoxious commercial!
    I truely do not understand marketing. Why would someone sign off on such a horible rendition of a song as background to their car commercial.
    Oh look what a crappy song… I want to run out and buy that car!

    1. Avatar

      It’s a good song if you were watching what was going on with the Sex Pistols in 1978. Kind of a perfect coda to that band’s spectacular flameout.

      And it was a perfect song to end a movie like GoodFellas.

      But the last think anyone would ever think about when they thought about seedy punk rock is Acura.

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        It may possibly be the worst rendition of a song ever recorded and always has been. Sid had absolutely zero musical ability. It ruined the end of a good movie and Acura’s commercial.

    2. Avatar

      I NEVER buy anything that is advertised in a TV commercial. Acura needs to FIRE the Mullen Agency that developed this commercial. If I ever thought that Acura was a good auto, this commercial would make me feel differently.

      1. Avatar

        Is it possible to completely avoid all products that are advertised on television?

  4. Avatar

    Poor marketing strategy on Acura’s part. Just a bad idea all the way around.

  5. Avatar

    I hate this commercial, I mute the sound horrible, horrible, horrible singing. Just noise that irritates me so much I will NEVER buy an Acura!

  6. Avatar

    That crazy, nasty punk rock got you to watch the commercial. Sounds like great marketing strategy to me:)

  7. Avatar

    I have to change the channel when this garbage commercial comes on, the music makes me want to shoot myself in the face. Acura has gone way down hill!

  8. Avatar

    I have to question the marketing wisdom….we mute this commercial each time it comes on. Have no interest in the car either and won’t any time soon!

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    What a pc. of sht commercial. Way to make people hate an old classic song and Acura at the same time. Sid is possibly the worst and most idiotic singer in the history of the world so why bring him back from the dead to torture us? How anyone could actually listen to his drivel is beyond me. I’m guessing he had a tone deaf following.

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    Most annoying commercial . The song makes me crazy. I don’t watch much tv and now I know why. What were they thinking? A propos of this song and commercial I will Never buy that car.

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