A Flashing Indicator in a Honda Odyssey Means a Trip to the Dealer

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VSA Indicator

John Paul — AAA’s Car Doctor — answers a question from a reader about his car’s VSA indicator.

Q: Recently my 2008 Honda Odyssey had both the VSA indicator (the triangle with “!” inside) as well as the “VSA” light turned on and remained on. I knew it wasn’t good news so I brought it over to the dealer to check it out. What I was told was that the VSA modulator failed and needs to be replaced.  The estimate is around $1300 parts and labor. I did some checking online and the part seemed to be fairly expensive. I know the dealer can be expensive, do you think this is reasonable? I suppose I can go to an independent garage, but I don’t know if this may be too sophisticated for garages that usually handle the routine maintenance.

A: There have been two different recalls related to the vehicle stability system. One of the recalls has to do with a sensor in the steering wheel called a “yaw” sensor and the second is air gets into the VSA modulator-control unit and causes a low/soft brake pedal. In this case I would return to the dealer and have them check for the recalls and see that if performed they were completed properly.

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