8 Crazy Vehicle and Driving Laws

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driving lawsSo you got pulled over, but aren’t sure what you did that was worthy of a ticket?

You were driving the speed limit in a straight line with both hands gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles at positions ten and two.

You’re an impeccable driver with a clean driving record… so why did you get pulled over?

Well, depending on where you are, you could earn a ticket if you violate these crazy vehicle and driving laws.


1. Illegal Gas Pumping

In the states of New Jersey and Oregon, it is technically illegal to pump your own gas. The laws were initiated due to a concern that negligent motorists would cause fires. New Jersey instated the law in 1949 and Oregon instated the law in 1951. Good thing Oregon and New Jersey gas stations turn a blind eye!

2. Illegal Dog Transportation

In the largest state in the United States, Alaska, it is illegal to tether your dog to a car’s bike rack. It’s sad to think that this was / is a problem. If common sense can’t keep your dog safe, the law will.

3. Don’t Change Your Mind at McDonalds

McDonalds, being one of those superpower franchises, doesn’t appreciate losing business to potential fast-foodies. If you enter a McDonalds parking lot but leave without buying anything or parking, you are eligible to receive a ticket. Also, you can be cited for honking at a McDonalds.

4. Jumping From Moving Vehicles in Glendale, CA

I know it can be devastatingly tempting to jump out of moving vehicles, but if you’re in Glendale, CA, make sure you only do so if you’re traveling below 65 mph. Anything above 65 mph is illegal. Here’s a bit of insult to injury.

5. Rolling the Dice

You might’ve heard of this one before. In New Jersey, it is illegal to hang dice (or anything else) from your rear view mirror while driving. This is a pullover offense.

6. Playgrounds and Vehicles Don’t Mix

Although it might be incredibly tempting to take that shortcut through your neighborhood playground, you better think twice. Officials in Dublin, GA finally put their foot down and said no more. “Hey man, I didn’t know it was recess.”

7. Don’t Mess with Dunkin Donuts

If you’re visiting South Berwick, Maine, take note that you could be ticketed for parking in front of a Dunkin Donuts. Heed this warning because, Ahem!, certain “personnel” have a high affinity to places that sell donuts – I think you catch my drift…

8. Zero Tolerance

We all know that drunk driving is a dangerous offense and laws against open containers reiterate our nation’s policy against this offense. However, in Scituate, Rhode Island it is against the law to transport beer even if it remains unopened. So much for going on that beer run.




  1. Thanks Mark, now I’ll be checking my rear-view mirror more often.

  2. Mark: As a former cop I’d love to see you do a post on the crazy things DRIVERS do!

    I’ll be glad to provide you some content

    1. Jon, that’s actually a pretty good idea! I’ll start researching / compiling some stories… any input or personal stories you may could add some flavor!

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