The World’s Most Googled Car Brands

You might think the same brands are popular across the world, but tastes vary depending on where you live. Some brands are far more popular in certain regions than others. This map shows exactly which brands are most often searched for in various countries around the world. Veygo created the map based on data collected […]

TECH: Google’s Autonomous Car Program Hits 2 Million Miles

The Google self-driving car program passed a milestone on Wednesday as it marked more than two million miles of driving on public roads. Google’s Alphabet Inc. division started working on autonomous cars back in 2009 and now has over 60 self-driving cars on the road. Currently, they’re clocking around 25,000 miles of autonomous test driving […]

Google’s Larry Page Wants Us to Have Flying Cars

Flying cars are the stuff of science fiction. Whether it’s a rosy vision of the future like we saw in Back to the Future or the dystopian world of Blade Runner, flying cars have captured our imaginations. Larry Page hopes to make our flying car future a reality and he’s funding the companies that could […]