VIDEO: Mom Shows Up Ken Block With Momkhana

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Minivans are not cool. They are great for hauling your kids and their friends around town. They are great for trips to the beach loaded with chairs and toys and snacks. They are also great for road trips, but no one has every looked at a minivan and thought it was one slick set of wheels. This video may change that idea.

It was produced by Famous Footwear to show us all that the shoe store is cool and hip and trendy. Sure, you may head there while your kids are at school to score a deal on a pair of ballet flats, but they’ve also got high heels and fancy shoes for a night on the town. See, they’re cool.

This video has a mom picking up her two kids at school in the family’s Toyota Sienna minivan, but this ain’t just any Sienna. It’s spent some time in the shop and now has a 550 horsepower engine and the chops to handle all the donuts and drifting you can throw in its direction.

The mom in the video is real world mom Shauna Duggins who channels her inner Ken Block and his famous Gymkhana videos, hence the Momkhana label on this one. The door to her pimped out minivan slides open and the kids calmly take a seat, expertly buckling their harnesses and putting on their helmets. Safety first, people.

She pulls away slowly from the school, waits patiently at a stoplight, and then takes off down the street in a squeal of tires. Duggins takes the minivan barreling down the streets of suburbia, doing donuts in a cul-de-sac and swerving around trash cans left out for their weekly pickup.

The whole time, the kids sit in the back seat, calmly along for the ride. The boy even has a handheld game that he plays through the whole thing because nothing can break a child’s focus on a game short of a nuclear apocalypse or possibly zombies

The video is fun, but the making-of video is the one that is really impressive. It shows how they faked us out and made it look like the kids were along for the drive when they were just pushing the car around in circles and blowing a bunch of fake smoke. The driving happened and the stunts are real, but the kids weren’t along for that part of things.

It also shows cameramen standing just feet away from the car while the stunts are happening, which makes me now think that all cameramen are slightly unhinged. Watch both videos below, and see if it doesn’t make you want to pimp your ride, or maybe buy a new pair of shoes.

Nicole Wakelin

Nicole Wakelin

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