VIDEO: Mazda Launches “Feel Alive” Ad Campaign, Are You Feeling It?

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Launching a new ad campaign is always risky. If the last one worked, then there’s a high mark to meet. If the last one failed, then you better not mess it up a second time. Mazda launched the first ad in its new “Feel Alive” campaign with a focus not on its cars, but on its fans.

A 60-second spot aired during the NCAA men’s basketball championship game and featured only brief glimpses of three cars. It showed off the Vision Coupe, MX-5 Miata roadster, and the Mazda6 sedan.

“Mazda has always engineered to a feeling. We want to build an emotional connection with our fans by making them feel something profound,” said Chief Marketing Officer, Dino Bernacchi. “‘Feel Alive’ will be a celebration of human challenge, inspiration, exhilaration,and potential and there’s no better moment to reveal it than Championship Monday.”

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Rather than showing its cars on screen as much as possible, cars were pretty much secondary to the people, who weren’t in or even around a Mazda. Instead, we see a series of touching moments designed to tug at our heartstrings.

There’s a girl in a wheelchair taking the hand of a boy who wants to dance with her at a prom, a couple kissing on a rooftop, and a woman working out in an intense boxing session. The cars make an appearance between these moments while the voiceover challenges us to all seize the moment and do whatever it is we’ve always wanted to do.

The idea is to celebrate not Mazdas, but Mazda fans and it’s not just an ad campaign. The first new 2018 Mazda6 deliveries arrived early this month at the Port of Tacoma. Mazda expedited delivery to local dealerships and gave fans in Seattle the chance to drive, rate, and review the new vehicle first.

Those fans were then flow across the country to New York City as VIPs. There, they experienced the launch of the new ad campaign right along with Mazda executives, dealers, and employees.

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There was also a “Thank You, New York” event co-hosted with Amazon, which is partnering with Mazda. Attendees at this special event got a special preview of the new Mazda6.

This is only the start of the new ad campaign, which hopes to connect with fans in a unique way. What do you say? Do you Feel Alive?

Nicole Wakelin

Nicole Wakelin