The Bandit’s At It Again: Burt Reynolds is Selling Another ’77 Pontiac Trans Am

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If this headline seems familiar, it’s because Burt Reynolds appears to be selling everything he ever owned, from his office furniture to his seemingly endless supply of 1977 Pontiac Trans Ams.

As you’ll recall from a few months ago, Burt Reynolds had something of a garage sale that included a 1977 Pontiac Trans Am. It ended up selling for $450,000.


Attempting to capture that lightning in a bottle a second time, Ol’ Burt is shipping a T/A up to Carlisle, Pennsylvania for the annual Carlisle Auction on April 23 and 24.

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This one isn’t one of the cars used in the movie, or associated with the movie, or even used to go to a drive-in to see the movie. It’s a restored T/A that Reynolds purchased a year or so ago, with a V-8, Hurst T-Tops and an automatic. It’s a full restoration from — according to the listing — “Harold Murphy, owner of the renowned Murphy Auto Body and Restoration of West Palm Beach.” A little time at Google University doesn’t show much about Harold Murphy or Murphy Auto Body and Restoration. The Facebook page identifies the shop as “Murphy Paint & Body Shop.”


From the listing:

The happy winning bidder will not only get the thrill of driving their very own Bandit Trans Am but will also receive an autographed hat and jacket worn by Burt in the photos. The hat and jacket are reproductions of the ones worn in the movie. Burt’s signature also graces the dash and hood of this faithful recreation. A copy of the title with his name on it will also be provided with the documentation.


The listing also suggests that the auction represents “truly a once in the lifetime opportunity to purchase a ‘Bandit’ Trans Am owned by Burt Reynolds.” Well, once in a lifetime unless you were around last year, anyway.

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