BMW Z1 repair Water jug

VIDEO: Watch This Guy Fix a BMW Z1 Door with a Bathroom Scale, Water Jug, and Some Baling wire

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BMW Z1 repair Water jug

In case you are not a fan of  obscure BMW sports cars, we will tell you that the doors of a BMW Z1 (Zed One) are unlike any you may have seen.  They are power-operated, and they drop down into the door sills.  Repairs are daunting, but no worries.  Edd China of Wheeler Dealers fixes the fussy door of this BMW with a large water jug, a bathroom scale, and a bit of baling wire.

Repairing any premium German automobile is always expensive and tricky.  Fixing a rare vintage premium German car is a bit more of a challenge.  The BMW Z1’s doors are operated by a pretty complex system of levers, rack gear, and toothed belt operated by two motors and a series of micro switches.  After revealing the innards, Edd goes on-line and looks at how the door can be tuned up.  He finds that a loose belt may be the trouble.  20kg is the proper tension and this car’s belt is loose.  There is a hook on the belt tensioning arm on which to apply the specified force, but how?

BMW Repair Z1 Scale

Edd opts to find a plastic water jug, top it off to a weight of 20kg, weigh it on his bathroom scale and then suspend it on the tension arm hook.  Total material costs?  Zero.  Genius.  In a prior episode, Edd repaired an Audi TT transmission by making a special tool and replacing a hidden aluminum rivet with a 50 pence nut and bolt.  The man is amazing.  Watch the repair in the video below.  It begins at about minute 28 if you prefer to skip to that section.

John Goreham

John Goreham

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