Smart Glass Displays Videos on Car Windows

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Car windows are getting a makeover thanks to Gauzy, and Israeli tech company. It has developed a new type of display that can be integrated into the glass and show videos to passersby.

It’s an LCD-display bonded to the usual automotive glass and you can’t tell it’s there when a video isn’t playing. There’s no shadow or film to obscure the view for passengers.

Once the car is parked, the windows change. Using the car’s electrical system, the windows become opaque and function as high-def displays. It would allow the windows of your car to function like billboards.

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The technology is designed to work only when the car is turned off, so no worries about cars screaming down the highway with videos to distract us from the myriad other technologies that already cause distracted driving. They also only appear only on the side windows and rear windows, so a clear view out the windshield is always available.

Gauzy sees it as a way to give all sorts of location-based information to people passing by on the street. It could let you know of any events, restaurants, hotels, and attractions in the area. Basically, your car could be the next big thing in billboards.

It sounds both interesting and a little overwhelming. We’re imagining a row of cars parked on a city street all with different ads playing on their windows. It could make things look a little bit like Times Square, which might not be what the average city is looking to create in its downtown.

It’s also debatable if these ads would truly attract consumer attention. We all see billboards on the highways with products we will never buy. The exception might be signs for food or gas while in the middle of a road trip. Those signs are useful, but how useful is it to have a car randomly showing an ad for a steak joint when you happen to be walking down the street with friends?

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It’s still in development so don’t expect to see ads popping up on the windows of the cars in your neighborhood just yet. Gauzy does have an interested automaker, partnering with Daimler AG, so look for a Mercedes-Benz or Smart car to be among the first with this technology if it takes hold.

Nicole Wakelin

Nicole Wakelin