One Image Illustrates The Divide Between EV Fans and the Other 99.5% of Car Owners

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A recent post from Nissan seems to explain both sides of the EV debate.

It’s a Facebook post by Nissan Electric, the official Nissan EV club. The image above shows a Nissan Leaf parked at a public charging station.

I’m not sure of the exact location, but being a huge fan of the Canadian ballet, otherwise known as hockey, I know that barren tundra looks a lot like the stretch between the crossing in Vermont and the Centre Bell where the Montreal Habitants beat our Boston Bruins nine times out of ten. The NissanElectric post says, “The cold won’t keep François V’s LEAF off the road.”

According to Facebook, more than 400,000 people like the Nissan Electric page. However, only 20 had given this post the thumbs up when I wrote this story, and only two commented (including me). That means the rate of views to likes was 0.0043%. Coincidentally, that is exactly the same percentage of people who buy a battery electric vehicle, or probably close to it.

Typically when I test EVs, I like them. However, as a car owner who frequently travels 130 miles round trip, I know that the Leaf is just one of many EVs that cannot work for me. The range is just too short.

If there was an EV charger along the way, like the one in Nissan’s image that looks like a spooky scene from the series Fargo, it would not change my opinion on EVs’ inconveniences.

I’m not afraid to say that François V is simply made of stronger stuff than I am. I see this post and think, “Who in the world would ever want to sit parked at that spot for 30 minutes waiting to get to 80% charge in an EV with a range of about 90 miles, when a Prius can go over 500 miles before stopping to fuel up for three minutes?”

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That more than 400,000 people like the Nissan Electric Facebook page says that there is a big community of people watching the EV club, and they’re rooting for the early-adopter François V’s of the world to pave the way to better EVs. Sales numbers show that prior to the Chevy Bolt’s appearance last month, there simply was no affordable EV that had a range anywhere close to mainstream acceptance.

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John Goreham

John Goreham