Off-Road Instruction with Land Rover’s Driving Instructor Fred Monsees

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Did your driveway flood this spring? Range Rover engines breathe through four shielded intake vents cleverly tucked up inside the outer edges of the bonnet—er, hood—and so can wade through even more water than this. The camera lens in the front bumper provides a nifty underwater view. Look! A fish! Land Rover

I’ve been out with Fred Monsees three times now, and there’s never been a time when I haven’t learned something critical about driving off-road. He’s a driving instructor with Land Rover North America, and he took me on an off-road course in the 2015 Range Rover.

Over the years, Fred Monsees has competed in the Camel Trophy and he’s led Land Rover owners and journalists alike through some seriously challenging terrain. Not only is he a good guy, and a knowledgable instructor, he’s a character and he makes it a whole lot of fun.

In this video, he’s explaining how driver skill is so important to making a vehicle work off-road, but also how features like Land Rover’s Terrain Response works to interpret and predict off-road conditions to get you to your destination.

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