New Chevrolet App Is a Conspiracy Theorist’s Nightmare, But Has Some Practical Uses

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With today’s new in-car tracking technology, if you wish to keep your location and movements private, you’d better plan on walking.

Up to 10 people can receive a Chevrolet Vehicle Locate boundary alert.

A new app from Chevy will allow you to locate your vehicle in real time and provide a heads up if your Chevy is outside of an area you expect it to be.  It will also allow your spouse to know if you didn’t go exactly where you said you were going. The car does this by using its built-in GPS and built-in cell phone systems to watch your vehicle continuously. Every Chevrolet vehicle built since 2012 has this built-in tracking and telemetry system according to Chevrolet.

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Vehicle Locate allows Chevy owners to send automated text alerts when their vehicle enters or leaves a designated area.

GM announced the new additions to its myChevrolet App and gave helpful examples of how the technology could be used. The sample image from Chevy shows a woman holding a phone and tracking “Curt’s Camaro,” as Curt made his way around town. Presumably, in exactly the way Curt promised to. GM’s examples include:

  • The Connected Commuter – A working person who regularly notifies family or friends once they have left work or are nearing home. You don’t have to bother tapping out a text while you drive. The vehicle sends the pre-programed text automagically.
  • The Concerned Parent – To help minimize worry, parents can receive automatic alerts when the vehicle arrives at school or when it leaves a designated radius. This might also be handy for keeping tabs on kids on Prom night. Or any night, for that matter.
  • The Modern Dater – Chevy says that blind and online dates can be exciting, but adds the idea of meeting up with a stranger can also be somewhat concerning. Instead of sending “checked in safe” texts to a friend during and after a date, Chevy drivers can have their vehicle automatically send out a text once it has left the planned restaurant or once the vehicle has arrived back at home. Of course, the text is automatic, so if the exciting new stranger is now driving the car…
  • The Helpful Truck Owner – Truck owners have a lot of friends. Chevy says those pals ask to borrow that truck quite a bit to help move or transport large items. Vehicle Locate can help the owner keep tabs on the truck as moving day goes along.
Vehicle Locate allows Chevy owners to receive and send automatic texts when their vehicle arrives at or departs from an address.

Another cool feature allows a person to be warned as a Chevy in their family approaches home. Who among us likes surprises? This is a handy feature for anyone. In case you were wondering, yes, GPS information is admissible in divorce cases in many jurisdictions.



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