Want Our Trouble Code Library on Your Website? It’s Easy and It’s Free

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We’ve put together a comprehensive list of “P” or Powertrain codes for determining why your check engine light is on. If you’re a site administrator, you can now embed our Trouble Code Library search tool on your website for free.

Look up thousands of powertrain codes by simply entering the code in the search box, or browse the entire library to learn more about what these codes are and how they impact powertrain performance.

Check Engine

Visitors to your website have questions about why their Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light is illuminated. With this simple search tool on your site, they can learn:

  • What causes the indicator
  • Common misdiagnoses
  • Appropriate diagnoses to cure the issue

Embedding the code library widget on your site is easy. Simply copy the iframe code below:

<iframe src=”http://bestride.com/engine-trouble-code-widget” width=”500″ height=”315″ scrolling=”no” seamless frameBorder=”0″></iframe>

and paste it wherever you’d like in your HTML. The widget will appear on the appropriate web pages. You can customize the width and height to your blog’s specifications in the HTML code.



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Craig Fitzgerald

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