Nissan crash kills spectators Nurburgring

Factory Nissan GT-R crash at Nurburgring kills fan injures more

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Nissan crash kills spectators Nurburgring

In a tragic accident, a factory-sponsored Nissan GT-R has crashed and killed a spectator at Germany’s famous Nurburgring.

This weekend at Germany’s Nurburgring a factory Nissan GT-R lost control went airborne and left the roadway.  The car was completely vertical with the underside leading when it contacted the retaining wall.  That impact then caused the car to tumble into an area where fans and spectators were located.  Be aware that video below shows the start of a fatal accident.

According to Road and Track, fans were not supposed to be in that area.  A fence was placed to prevent the area from being occupied by spectators.  However, fans commonly sneak  into the area to be closer to the action according to reports.  The particular area of the accident is the “Flugplatz” section where it is not uncommon for vehicles to catch air as the elevation changes heading into a right turn.  It is easy to imagine that being a perfect photography vantage point.

NISMO, Nissan’s racing division released a statement that read in part “Today’s events have been a tragedy.  We are all deeply shocked and saddened by these events, and our immediate thoughts go to the deceased, those injured, and their families and friends.”



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