VIDEO: Old Formula One Pit Stop vs. Modern Pit Stop Is An Analogy For Modern Living in 2016

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Watching this old vs. new pit stop video it is easy to draw parallels to life in general.

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In this video, a 1950s Formula One car enters the pits. The pit area itself is really just a lane carved off the course.  The car drives in, and workers begin to do their assigned job.  The right front tire is to be changed.  A worker there hits the “knock-off” to release the tire with a cartoon hammer 24 times. This, of course, was a high-speed innovation that replaced lug nuts.  That worker is not wearing a helmet; none are.  In fact, they seem to have no protection at all.  No Nomex burn suits or balaclavas, no safety glasses, nothing.  While one worker hauls over a fuel hose to pump in the go-juice, another stands ready with the fire extinguisher from your college dorm.  He is wearing a special hat.  A couple of guys are just watching a few feet from the car. Having a chat. A worker brings over a bottle of liquid for the driver.  Pernod perhaps?  All told the pit stop takes one minute and four seconds.


The next section of the video shows a modern race car pit stop.  Pit crew members are ready in the specially-designed pit area.  Each part of which is denoted with a color and hash mark.  Everyone in the area has a full burn-suit and helmet.  The gloves they wear are matched to their unique task.  The car comes in, is lifted completely off the ground, given four tires and exits in less than three seconds.

Draw any analogy you wish.  One that jumped to my mind was the creation of this story.  I did it entirely with my fingers from my home office.  I proof-read it using software, inserted the video taken by others for some unrelated purpose and published it in via a web tool for you to see.  In 8th grade, I studied print setting.  Another apparent analogy is simply getting coffee on the way to work.  Use your app to place your order, drive up to the window, say your name, and a worker from Upper Scubbobia you will never know hands you your drink, and you’re off.

I’m not sure things are better today, but they are sure as heck faster.

John Goreham

John Goreham