STREETSIDE: Cars and Trucks In a Coastal Town

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Northern California’s Half Moon Bay is a cute little town on the Pacific Coast that is host to a variety of neat cars.

Half Moon Bay, or HMB as it’s known locally, is about 40 minutes south of San Francisco. The trip takes a bit longer if you drive Route 1 along the coast instead of the freeway.

Love HMB’s quirkiness.


The vehicles on HMB’s roads reflect the town’s laid-back vibe, with newness mixed in with some very well-preserved classics.


This town probably swarmed with Volkswagen Beetles like this one back in the day. This one from the early-’70s appears to be a serviceable survivor, and it’s yours for $4,000.


More on the modern side of the classic spectrum is this 1991 Toyota Cressida. Twenty-five years later, its myriad luxury features are common on mainstream mid-sized sedans, though they’ve thankfully moved past the Cressida’s motorized front shoulder belts.


Trucks are well-represented; this 1987 Chevy Suburban shows the rust pocks that result from parking so close to the salty Pacific. Note the HMB sticker in the rear window.


This ’90s GMC Yukon GT is a rare find, particularly if those are its original wheels. This example wears a Chevrolet grille.


Halfway to being a truck is this Chevy El Camino, also from the Suburban’s 1987 model year. There’s an honesty to its design that keeps it looking attractive today.


An older GM product, this Oldsmobile Toronado from 1971-72, is experiencing some greenery encroachment, but it still looks good enough to drive. The trunk-mounted brake light repeaters were a unique touch.


Even older from the GM family is this early-’50s Chevy sedan, with its period windshield sunvisor and spotlights.


The low lighting of this rainy day gave a nice view of this Jaguar S-Type’s basic shape.


Same with this Pontiac GTO, which mimics the Jag’s muted coloring and black wheels.


This Cadillac CTS goes in a different direction with its overt shininess, and it makes a strong statement.


Eventually, it was time to head over to the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company for prawn tacos and a refill of our two-liter growler.

No surprise that there was an earth-toned Volkswagen bus tucked in between the bluer modern steeds…


…but this rare Toyota Corolla All-Trac wagon, complete with surfboards on top, was unexpected and completely appropriate.


Here’s hoping it’ll be sunnier the next time we head back to Half Moon Bay, and we’ll probably find more cool cars then.

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