VIDEO: Ken Block Gymkhana Parody is Perfectly Ridiculous

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Gymkhana Parody

Ken Block is an incredible driver. He’s racked up numerous rally car wins around the world and showed off his skills in crazy, insane, impossible Gymkhana videos. It’s hard not to be impressed when Block drifts through a parking lot within inches of hitting the obstacles placed in his path.

Each video is filmed in a new exotic local with a different obstacle course for Block to navigate. Despite the changing locations, the videos are similar with a recognizable style that instantly identifies them as Block’s work. This video pokes some fun at the Gymkhana videos with its own Gymkhana-style production.

It’s called Gympkhana and it features a strikingly similar intro to the Block videos. The shaky opening credits, shots from the sky, and gratuitous engine noise are pure Gymkhana, but the driver and the car are a different story.

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The credits indicate the car is a 1987 Scion XB “with intake and exhaust” because those things are important. We’re not sure what happens between the credits and filming, but what’s actually shown is a Honda Civic that has seen much better days. The rear of the car is secured to a thick chain, taking a scene right from the beginning of one of Block’s Gymkhana videos, and we hear the engine rev. It’s not the Civic engine, mind you, but something much more powerful that you won’t see in this video.

Where Block drives a car with so much power that it snaps the chain, in Gympkhana the chain yanks the muffler off and the car makes its way out into the street sans muffler. The rest is pure ridiculous fun.

There’s a gratuitous slow motion shot of the car going off the edge of the street into a mud puddle because that’s what you do behind the wheel of a mad machine or an old Civic. There’s some guy on a piece of gym equipment working out in the middle of the road to provide the opportunity for donuts.

The overhead shots even get a dubbed helicopter motor soundtrack, despite being shots taken from a cheap drone they probably picked up on sale at Radio Shack. There’s even some texting while driving, but he’s wearing a helmet so it’s all good. Pause the video and read the messages because they’re hilarious.

Gympkhana might not have a bazillion horsepower engine or a famous driver, but it’s still a heck of an entertaining video.

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Nicole Wakelin

Nicole Wakelin