Watch Ken Block Rip Up Dubai in “Gymkhana 8”

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Ken Block Gymkhana 8

Ken Block has taken to the streets of Dubai for his latest Gymkhana video. Gymkhana 8: Ultimate Exotic Playground; Dubai has him doing the impossible in a Ford Fiesta ST RX43, which is why these videos are so much fun to watch.

You’ll get a glimpse of a couple of other Ford products, but don’t be looking for anything tame. There’s a Ford F-150 Raptor, Ford Focus RS, Mustang GT, and Ford GT. Only the cream of the crop gets to be in a video with Ken Block.

There’s also a cheetah that has the unmitigated gall to think he is going along for the ride. Does Block panic at the presence of a creature who would just as soon eat him for dinner as look at him? Nah, he shoos him from the car like he’s a house cat sitting on the sofa.

Dubai is well-known for having police cars that are high-end vehicles, so they make an early appearance. Surprisingly, they aren’t chasing Block, but serve only to create a small box of space where Block can do donuts. They even move out of his way to let him continue on about with his crazy.

Next up, that Ford F-150 Raptor spends some time on two wheels while Block does circles around the truck as it rolls down the highway. He’s not even close to finished, taking on more supercars in a drag race that, of course, Block owns.

Gymkhana 8 Ken Block

We’ve got supercars, police cars, and trucks, but that’s just not enough excitement. A little tour of the city with donuts galore eventually brings Block to a runway, and planes.

He plays chicken with a huge aircraft that is being towed along the runway. It rolls along while Block zips his Fiesta through the wheels in a cloud of smoke. It’s brilliant.

The whole thing is beautifully filmed, taking it up a notch fromt the typical Gymkhana videos. Dubai is an incredible backdrop and they make the most of the location, showing off the cars and the scenery.

Hang out until the end and you’ll see Block hop onto the skids of a helicopter and backflip into the ocean. He’s insane. Wait a few seconds more and you’ll get your first look at Block’s Ford Focus RS RX. We can’t wait to see what he does to that car in the next Gymkhana video.

Nicole Wakelin

Nicole Wakelin