FOUND ON CRAIGSLIST: Cars Of The Year – Where Are They Now?

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Auto show season means it’s also the time when the Cars of the Year are awarded. Motor Trend is of course the best known, and so we took a look on Craigslist to see how some past winners are faring in 2015.

1985: Volkswagen GTI

VW pulled down Motor Trend’s COTY for 2015 with its Golf lineup, and it won in 2012 for the Passat. But the last time it won before that was 1985 with the much-lauded GTI. This is a special one…

vw_gti_1985_3…an AutoWeek cover car.

vw_gti_1985_2 The front air dam looks naked without the usual fog lights to break up the horizontal lines.


Love those Recaro seats.


1977: Chevrolet Caprice Classic

The downsized GM B-bodies rocketed to best-selling status with their more sensible size, and even though assembly quality was inconsistent, the basic components are tried and true and cheap to fix. So that means red ones like this still make fine daily drivers.


1980: Chevrolet Citation

We all know the Citation‘s sad story of pestilent unreliability, and that’s why it is increasingly poignant to find the few that remain. This wire-wheeled Club Coupe beckons with its jaunty curved beltline and wire wheel covers…


…while this rattle-canned hatchback strikes a different tone. “More looks than a red-headed stepchild.”


No door panel, but it still has the armrest. Makes us want it even more.


1981: Chrysler K-Cars (Dodge Aries and Plymouth Reliant)

Not a single 1981 Reliant popped up in this search, but a few Aries are still making the rounds. This collapsed coupe needs a little frame help, and its low 18K miles would seem to make it worth it.


This wagon has clearly worked hard for its owners. From $1,600 in the ad to $1,495 in the headline means the bottom price probably still hasn’t yet been found.


Funny how rumpled all those straight lines have become over time.


Seeing that thin steering wheel, the clock-radio wood and the hard-edged dash top reminds one that the K-Cars were Aspen/Volare replacements first and import fighters second. Still, they pulled Chrysler out of the government bailout muck.


1982: Chevrolet Camaro Z28

What a relief it must have been to enthusiasts to finally have a sporty car back in the award seat after a couple years of practical compacts. This Z28 is quite attractive with its so-early-’80s brown-on-tan color scheme, and the transplanted 350 V8 is almost enough to outweigh the lack of an automatic transmission.


Nice interior on that one too.


1974: Ford Mustang II

Another pony car COTY was one where the loyalists barely accept it as such. The Pinto-based Mustang II never got much respect – 1974 was a slow year – but those swoopy fender curves always fascinate.

ford_mustang_II_1974The seats look like the frat house couch that no one wants to sit on, no matter how drunk they are.


1970: Ford Torino

This Torino is in fine fettle, as it should be for its price. It looks like many barrels of monkeys of fun.


Love these interior shots…


…although they do remind us how tight those Torino/Montego interiors were.


Tell us in the comments – which of these Cars of the Year would YOU want to drive?



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