Crazy Wrap Turns a Shiny New Volkswagen into a Rusted Wreck

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There’s something about having a shiny new car in your driveway that puts a smile on your face. It’s so darn perfect without a single scratch or dent and paint the shines as bright as the noonday sun. Eventually, it will look nowhere near as nice, especially if you live where there is snow. Snow means salt and sand on the roads and that stuff destroys shiny cars. One guy decided to get it all over with and used a wrap to make his new car look like a rusted hunk of junk.

The owner wanted to fool any car thieves into thinking his brand new Volkswagen T5 Tansporter Sportline was ready for the junkyard. Take one look at the wrap that covers his new car and you can bet most thieves won’t even give it a second glance. The average person will probably make an effort not to get too close for fear of scraping themselves on all that rust and coming down with a nasty case of tetanus.

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The work was done by Clyde Wraps out of Glasgow, Scotland. They started by taking measurements of the entire van since the wrap covers it completely. This helped them make sure the rust would look as though it had run down the frame and along any seams just like it would do for real. The idea was to make this Volkswagen look as awful and realistic as possible.

In addition to copious amounts of rust, they made it look like bits and pieces of the car had been cobbled together. The wrap includes metal panels that have been riveted into place to hold the barely road-worthy van in one piece.

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According to Neatorama, the owner was very happy with the finished work and later called to tell the designers that he made it a whole three days before being pulled over by the police. The authorities wanted to know what the heck was going on with the rusted piece of junk. A car that was really this rusted out and dangerous might be a problem, but a wrap that just makes it look that way is perfectly legal.

Nicole Wakelin

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