Fuel Shutoff Valve “A” Control Circuit Low


This code indicates that a low voltage reading has been detected in the fuel shutoff valve circuit.

Code Set Parameters

A voltage drop that exceeds a variation of over 10-percent (from battery voltage) will cause this code to be stored in the powertrain control module (PCM).


Symptoms include a stored code and an illuminated malfunction indicator lamp. A no start condition caused by low or no fuel pressure may also be exhibited.

Common Causes

A disengaged fuel shutoff valve is the most likely cause of this code, however a broken electrical wire or disconnected electrical connector are also possibilities. Corrosion in the area of the electrical connector for the shutoff valve can result in excessive circuit resistance as well.

Common Misdiagnosis

Frequently the absence of fuel pressure that accompanies this code leads to an incorrect diagnosis. Many fuel pumps and fuel pump relays have been replaced when a low voltage condition was the actual culprit.


  • Carefully test all voltage and ground circuits in order to determine whether you have a broken or shorted wire or a faulty shutoff valve
  • Technicians report the presence of corrosion in the electrical connectors that are on or near the shutoff valve
  • A normal voltage reading is sometimes exhibited until the circuit is activated, at which time the corrosion creates excessive resistance in the circuit and shutoff valve operation is hindered and/or a code is stored
  • If voltage readings appear normal with the key on and engine off (KOEO), be sure to observe circuit voltage while attempting to start the engine. Begin your diagnosis by visually inspecting all wiring and connectors
  • Look for shorted or burned wiring and replace circuitry and connectors as required
  • If the system wiring, connectors, and components appear to be in normal working order, connect the scanner to the diagnostic connector and record all stored trouble codes and freeze frame data
  • This information can be extremely helpful in diagnosing intermittent conditions that may have contributed to this code being stored
  • After the codes are cleared, operate the vehicle to see if the code returns
  • If the code fails to immediately return, you may have an intermittent condition
  • Intermittent conditions can prove to be quite a challenge to diagnose and in extreme cases may have to be allowed to worsen before a correct diagnosis can be made.