Isn’t the automotive business competitive enough? is the only online automotive marketplace where dealers can market their brand and inventory in a non-predatory environment.
Truly dealer-friendly.
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List your inventory on the only non-predatory, dealer-friendly, online automotive marketplace.

Why do our dealers like us? Why are more and more automotive dealers like you canceling other automotive 3rd party websites and joining the network?

Well, sure we have lots of car shoppers; over 23+ million visit the BestRide Network every month! So, yeah we have in-market car buyers for you.

The most important reason that dealers are coming (and staying) on BestRide is due to our “Low Cost of Ownership”. What do we mean by that? Well, first our dealers experience a lower cost-per-unit-sold than other automotive 3rd party websites. But that’s not all. Our dealers know that we do not conquest their profit centers by redirecting car buyers away from them to obtain financing from other sources. This COSTS you money. We don’t tell car shoppers what they should pay for your cars. That COSTS you money. We don’t allow Conquest Advertising. Yup, that’s right, you guessed it….that COSTS you money!

Frankly, it's the things we DON'T DO at that makes our dealers love us! The following are a just few things we DON’T DO that we are certain you will appreciate:

  • We do NOT support pay-to-play ranking systems.
  • We do NOT allow conquest advertising on your VDP’s.
  • We do NOT conquest of your leads. Or resell them to other dealers.
  • We do NOT run disparaging advertising or articles about the automotive industry. Why? Because we are car people too and we don’t need to say negative things about our dealers and the industry to bring car shoppers to our site. Our original and great content does that!
  • We do NOT allow consumer pricing indexes. Why, because that lowers your profitability.
  • We do NOT conquest ANY of your profit centers. Do you really want to have your finance opportunities sent away from you?
  • We do NOT demote your listings due to bad consumer reviews. In fact, we don’t even have consumer reviews on our website because we know our dealers work very hard to make their customers happy!

We invite you to join the BestRide family and experience how the things that we DON’T DO will help you increase your profits, lower your cost-per-unit-sold, and protect your market share. Remember, it’s not what you PAY to be on these programs that matters. It’s what those programs do that COST YOU MONEY! We am so confident that we can help you grow your business, without picking your pockets that we are even willing to give you a 100% refund of your investment if we can’t deliver on what we say we can do!


The Team – Dealer Friendly