Top Gear Hosts Change. Again.

The trio of Clarkson, Hammond, and May had a good run at Top Gear. It ended abruptly when Jeremy Clarkson punched someone in the nose and the guys have since moved on to new projects. Their Amazon show, The Grand Tour, is cruising right along, but Top Gear is facing yet another cast change as […]

VIDEO: Top Gear Season 24 First Look

The old Top Gear trio is a big hit on their new show. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May successfully migrated their old schtick to The Grand Tour and fans are loving every minute. They moved on from Top Gear, but the old show still exists and there’s a new trailer for the upcoming […]

VIDEO: Top Gear’s Matt LeBlanc is Loving the Porsche 911R

While everyone was busy watching Clarkson, Hammond, and May make their return with The Grand Tour, Matt LeBlanc was busy taking a spin in the Porsche 911R for Top Gear. Remember that show? Yes, it’s still around, but without Chris Evans. The somewhat disastrous season that Evans helmed is now a memory, and it’s LeBlanc’s […]

Watch New “Top Gear” Host Rap About Rolls-Royce

The latest incarnation of Top Gear will return to UK television on May 8th, with six people taking over for Clarkson, Hammond, and May. It’s a roster of well-known names who each bring something different to the program. Alongside lead presenter Chris Evans will be Sabine Schmitz, Chris Harris, Eddie Jordan, Matt LeBlanc, and Rory […]

And Your New “Top Gear” Hosts Are…

It’s been a tumultuous year for fans of Top Gear. Jeremy Clarkson threw that infamous punch and was promptly let go from the show. James May and Richard Hammond then left of their own accord leaving Top Gear in need of a new trio to take the place of the old one. Chris Evans was […]