Ford Focuses on Tech, Hires 400 Engineers

Today’s cars are now important pieces of personal technology. They keep us connected with emails, text messages, and phone calls all managed through increasingly complex infotainment systems. When they work, they’re brilliant, but when they fail they can make you want to take a sledgehammer to your touchscreen. Ford is trying to make sure the […]

The 2016 Ford Focus RS is Your Insanely Fun Practical Car

The Ford Focus RS is the very definition of a hot hatchback. It’s a rally-inspired powerhouse that looks and drives the part. We’re talking 350 horsepower of fun with a Drift Mode button. That should make any enthusiast’s heart skip a beat. The unexpected part of the Focus RS is how well it serves as […]

PROMOS: Captain Planet is Pimping the Ford Focus Electric

Automakers do everything they can to convince you to buy their cars. There are flashy commercials with catchy soundtracks, celebrity spokespeople, and all sorts of incentives designed to lure you into the dealership. Ford is no exception and they’re going to superheroic lengths to convince you to buy a Ford Focus Electric. They’ve enlisted the […]