Autonomous Cars Befuddled by Rainy Weather

It’s challenging driving in the rain or snow. Not only do the roads get slick, but it can be hard to see. That’s why we have headlights and windshield wipers. Despite the notion autonomous cars will be able to handle bad weather better than humans, it still causes all sorts of trouble for technology. Anyone […]

Autonomous School Bus Service Shut Down by Feds in Florida

Autonomous vehicle technology is still in its early stages. There’s testing on public roads, but with very strict parameters. Companies can’t simply develop a vehicle and set it lose on the streets. Instead, they have to apply for permission for any kind of testing. One company overstepped its bounds by using a fleet of driverless […]

How Comfortable Are You With Autonomous Technology? Take the MIT Survey

We’re working with Car Talk, MIT and the New England Motor Press Association to extend the research we’ve one in understanding how comfortable American drivers are with autonomous technology. The MIT AgeLab is again presenting a survey that asks pointed questions about your experience, interest and knowledge of autonomous technologies. To entice you a bit, […]

How Will Autonomous Cars Communicate with People on the Street?

Everyone has concerns about how autonomous cars will work. Most of those concerns center on how the car will recognize objects in its environment like other cars, bicyclists, and pedestrians. What doesn’t get discussed as often is how people are supposed to tell if an autonomous car sees them and how they’ll know what the […]